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You may have heard of Virtual Assistants. You may think you know what they do. But to help you find out what sort of tasks can be taken on, here are a few case studies of the types of activities that can be simply outsourced to a Virtual Assistant. 
Customer Records 
I took all the customer and contact information from various systems, i.e. invoicing, emails, business cards, suppliers etc and put them all into one place. The system was coded so that information could easily be extracted to be used for future communications, i.e. targeted marketing, email communications, service requirements, event reminders, action prompts etc. 
Benefit – My client was able to access significant information about their clients in one place so that they could provide an accurate and timely service. 
Note – Contracts with my clients control aspects of Data Protection and Confidentiality. As a previous Data Controller, I have a good understanding and respect for handling data. 
Minute Taking 
I have taken minutes for organisations who need a record of meetings for statutory or company requirements, project planning or HR processes. This is done on the company/meeting premises. The record from the meeting is then drawn up into a full set of minutes for approval by the Chair of the meeting. 
Benefit – Organisations who do not have the capacity or skill set for minute taking, can still ensure their meetings are recorded accurately and appropriately. 
Another significant benefit is that an external minute taker is not involved with the content or the people participating in the meeting. This gives an independence and impartiality to the process. It also means that no-one within the company/organisation is privy to the contents of sometimes highly sensitive and confidential discussions. This is particularly relevant in the case of disciplinary procedures or financial discussions. 
I reviewed a company’s customer database of email address to check for accuracy, duplication and appropriateness. I created a newsletter from information provided by my client and then set all of this up in Mail Chimp and generated a mail shot. 
Benefit – The administrative activities were completed independently whilst the client focused on other tasks and they then had final sign off for the content and sending list. 
I hope this has been helpful. 
There are lots of tasks that I could do for you so that you can focus on the part of your business that you enjoy! Please get in touch to have a chat about what you need. 
Look out for further case studies coming soon…. 
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