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Continuing the series of case studies…. 
You may have heard of Virtual Assistants. You may think you know what they do. But to help you find out what sort of tasks can be taken on, here are a few case studies of the types of activities that can be simply outsourced to a Virtual Assistant. 
Cashflow Forecast 
I created a simple Excel document to record incoming and outgoing money. It showed all the regular expenditure, i.e. loan payments, rent, rates etc and all the anticipated income, i.e. regular customer payments, invoices due etc. It also showed the bank balance and how the recorded transactions affected the balance. The forecast ran for several months into the future based on known and estimated transactions. 
Benefit – My client was able to assess and control their expenditure based on known cashflow movements, ensuring money was in the right place to meet their outgoings.https://www.facebook.com/sarahwhiteva/ 
Note – Contracts with my clients control aspects of Data Protection and Confidentiality. 
Document Creation 
A new training requirement was identified. My client provided me with the base material needed. I formatted it with specified branding, font, and layout requirements and created a training manual for participants and a set of Powerpoint slides for use by the trainer during the course. 
Benefit – The client could spend their time focusing on developing the new material and doing the necessary research, rather than playing with ‘Word’ and publishing software. They then just had to review, tweak and adjust the course material to suit. 
Participant Feedback 
Having been provided with a set of questions by my client, I set up a survey in Survey Monkey so that she could receive feedback on working processes from her employees. She also wanted their opinions as to if and how things could be improved. The survey was sent out by email to all participants, I reviewed responses rates, sent reminders to non responders and then collated all the information into a report for my client on the close of the survey. 
Benefit – The administrative activities were completed independently whilst the client focused on other tasks and they could then use the information gathered to inform their future activities. 
I hope this has been helpful. There are lots of tasks that I could do for you so that you can focus on the part of your business that you enjoy! 
Please get in touch to have a chat about how I may help be able to offer some support in your business. 
Look out for more case studies coming soon….. 
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