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General Administration 

There's a huge range of administration tasks that take up your time. Here are some suggestions for how I may be able to free up yor time. 
Diary management 
Time phoning customers and arranging meetings is time not spent with other customers doing business. I can help manage your diary so that you get the most from your day. 
Data entry 
Businesses can generate large quantities of data which need to be entered and stored for future use. With proven experience of accurate and fast data entry, I can help you get all that information in a safe place – and then produce reports or summaries for you to review, if needed. 
Document creation 
With good knowledge of a range of Microsoft packages, documents, reports, correspondence, spreadsheets etc can be created to support your business and communicate with your customers. 
Minute taking 
If you run Board or team meetings it is important they are recorded accurately so everyone knows what is happening and what they need to do. As an independent minute taker, I provide impartiality, confidentiality and accuracy. 
Email management  
You know that in that great long list of emails there are some that are of greater priority than others, if only you could just get to them. Prioritising and, where appropriate, responding to emails is a task which can be done regularly and remotely. 
Have you got other areas of your General Administration where you need assistance?  
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