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How It Works 

Free Initial Consultation 

I start with a free consultation – this can be up to an hour and looks at your current set up, what you want to achieve and a view on how I can best meet your needs – and in the unlikely event that I can’t help, I will say so! 

The Completely Virtual Route 

The vast majority of work can be done electronically – phone, email, Skype, online accounting systems, cloud solutions/secured file transfer systems. I will arrange what needs to be done and will set up the process to achieve it. 

The More Hands On Approach 

It may be that you need me to be in your office for short periods for specific projects or office management. 
Alternatively I may need to access specific items – receipts, paperwork etc. In this case you can drop them off to me or I can come to you. If you are local (within 5 miles) then it is all straightforward but if you’re further away, I can still come to you but there will be a charge for travel costs and time. 

Time and Charging 

For some clients I work on a retainer basis - they secure a certain amount of time each month to complete their tasks. 
For some clients I work on a project basis - providing services for a specific job or task only. 
For many it is a mixture of the both. And that is the benefit of using a Virtual Assistant. Pay for the services you need at the moment but be able to be flexible as the business evolves.  
Whatever the choice, an estimate for the time needed for the tasks allocated will be generated at the outset. If this should vary much due to the task evolving, then you will be kept up to date so you can decide how you would like to progress. You will not have to worry about getting an unexpected bill because I have worked for more hours than originally agreed. 


When we initially start working together, you will receive plenty of updates and feedback (and questions) so that you know how work is progressing and we can both be sure that you are getting what you need. As we work together for a while I will get a better understanding of your business, your aims and your style – so I can work to meet them! 
Please get in touch so I can look at how my services would work for you. 
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