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About Me 

Up to your eyeballs in emails, trying to do the VAT return at 2 o'clock in the morning?....... believe me, I know what that is like! 
For 20 years I have been part of a family run business. I have balanced the demands of clients, contractors, staff, administration, trying to keep up to date with all that legislative stuff that keeps on changing and have a home life - if only I'd had a Virtual Assistant! 
One of the lessons I learnt over that time was that just because you can do something, it doesn't mean you should be doing it. As business owners we are very good at taking responsibility for everything and just plain putting in the hard graft needed. But there are times when accepting help is good for your business, good for your productivity and very good for your sanity! 
One of my clients told me recently that I had saved her so much time that she could start on a project she has been putting off for two years. I am really looking forward to seeing how that moves her business forward... 
My family business has evolved and doesn't need as much of my input anymore and so I now offer a service where my knowledge, experience and skills can provide a helping hand to other businesses, freelancers and self employed people.  
Go do what you set up your business to do! Whatever your service or product is, go share it with the world - and know that I will be in the background backing you up with all the admin and organisation to help it go that little bit more smoothly... 
Good luck and enjoy! 
So can I help your specific business? Yes, of course. 
Whilst every industry has it's own jargon and peculiarities, every business needs the same basics in place; getting the clients/customers, completing the work, complying with all the rules and regulations, and getting paid. And they share a common language across all business types.  
I currently offer a variety of adminstration services to consultants, trainers, teachers, tilers, charities, accountants, recruitment companies, spas, financial advisers, manufactuers, online retailers, telemarketers and promotional companies. I reckon that's a fairly broad range... 
But ultimately, and as odd as it may sound, I love paperwork, I love organising and detail work, I love accounts and spreadsheets. Probably all the things you hate the most but just have to be done – and this means that I can help you. 
Please get in touch so I can look at how my services would work for you. 
Please fill in the form below and I will get back to you shortly. 
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