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Minute Taking 

Minute taking is a good old fashioned skill which is still very much in demand but not so widely available. 
You may need to take minutes of your meetings for a range of regulatory purposes or as a charity, a community group or a small business, or you may want to ensure you have a clear record of decisions and actions from a team get together. 

Minute Taking 

Have you ever tried to take the minutes for a meeting that you are taking part in too? Practically impossible! An independent minute taker is there to do just that – take the minutes. This leaves you and the team to focus on the content, discussion and outcomes of the meeting. 

Independent and Confidential 

The benefit to you of a freelance minute taker is that you can ensure independence, maintain absolute confidentiality for matters which you may not want any member of your staff to hear about and get your minutes delivered professionally and promptly, without taking someone away from their core activities. 

Cost Effective 

You pay for the time spent taking minutes, the time spent compiling the minutes – including Chairperson review and sign off, and any relevant travel expenses – and that’s it. 
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